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Pete´s beheading home

Pete was heading home. He was angry and felt tired but the mere thought of his family desperately relying on the dough he daily earned with the sweat of his forehead calmed him down. As he was about to unlock his house´s entrance door he pictured the cosy order that awaited him, the household chores her wife would be performing for his sake, the two sons he was so proud of doing their homework at the kitchen table, the dog- the fabulous retriever that the organization he worked for had given him as a present last Christmas for the clockwork accuracy of his late jobs- reveling in the sucking of a bone´s head or in the licking of the milk bowl by the fireplace. Everything, as it were, falling into place, just as he had figured it out  when he married Mary, his life- long partner, his beautiful other half, his “sweet little rib” as he was fond of calling her. He decided thus to put the keys again into his pocket and to ring the bell, saying to himself that nothing would be nicer than seeing the door´s knob turn and the door being opened by the smiling countenance of any of his loved ones , by any member of such a merry compound whose head he had become because he had proved successful at running it in the same efficient, staunchly way, perhaps, that you see horses running around in merry-go-rounds. As he stood in the house´s threshold getting mentally ready for such a welcome his right hand stroke briefly the bulk of  the revolver he was carrying in his inside jacket´s pocket before going on to caress the flower he wore in his lapel, Pete´s face beginning to show a smile that already relished at the picture of  being mirrored by a twin one devoted exclusively to him . It could be nonetheless one of his quirks, he admitted somewhat wantonly, a farewell caress to the workday´s bloody chores and a flowering wink at the impending happiness after that particular hard day in which his boss had scorned him calling him a “bonehead” for not having finished off the last “deal” he was in charge of. “He was no longer worth a lousy retriever” his boss had remarked contemptuously. For a brief second Pete´s growing smile froze into a grimace.

…To be continued….

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