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Pete lies his way just one more time into success

On what occasion do you lie, Pete?

Oh, well, that´s a tricky question… But to tell  the truth, I consider lying a part of life, a part at least of the life that I  live and, come to think about it, I think that what truly matters about the lies I usually deal with in my everyday life is to accomplish them in a way that´s credible enough so that i can use them as an alibi before any gullible jury or even before myself as the most gullible person of all.

What is your greatest fear, Pete?

Colleagues, relatives, friends… All that stuff…You know… To what extent can I rely on  people that swarm about me, sometimes like annoying and burdensome bees, others like lovable beings I should be caring for. Besides, I think this question has something to do with the previous one. Living a life such as the one I live implies being the whole time on the alert for all the lies that are going on around me much as if I were myself a breeder of bees … Yeah… as if I were sort of involved in a lifelong selection of bees , some of them worth belonging to my particular beehive and others meant rather to be kept at bay or even merciless discarded. If, by any chance, i fail in this selection and a bee runs amok challenging the order of my honeycomb, be sure i´ll be damned for good. Be sure, also,that I wont´t be such a fool as to let any outlier trouble my goals.

What is it you most dislike, Pete?

People that don´t make it…Or, to carry on with the “bees” refrain , breeders of bees that just miss it and make a mess of the beehives they´are betting on, marring their life expectations instead of fulfilling them …People, in short, that don´t have the guts to acknowledge their failures in time and go on muddling through between lies and truth, creeping like weaklings, incapable of any decision, lousy unreliable fakes ready to sell you for a few bucks in the name of the first fashionable truth someone has planted on them for business sake.

But, you know, I myself run a business, which happens to be my life and I´m the best entrepreneur of my own self, the self-reliant promoter of my own precious being, the most beautiful queen bee, as it is, within the entire beehive. And I tell you what: I won´t let any other being ruin it or talk me into someone else´s beehive for that matter. No, I won´t surrender the freedom that grants me being the queen bee that easily. It´s time I make this clear to my wife: contrary to what she seems lately to believe, i´m no worker bee. And I don´t care any longer who she´s working for nor whose alien interests she ´s yielding to . The time has come for me to lie my way just one more time into success and  get rid of her.

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