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Love at the grocer´s

One of the things Mary most enjoyed was to pay a visit to the grocer´s on market days. She was no longer the sexy girl that out of a religious fit had once aspired to beguile Jesus Christ down the cross and taken the veil for a few days in her early youth just to realise that her dubious charms were far from being those of Mary of Magdala and she was pretty conscious as well that the green pastures along which she loved to jog in her more mature years were a thing of the past because together with her marriage and former family home , the neatly mown lawns of the gated community she used to live in were not available any more since she broke with Pete Rodríguez, her  violent husband , and moved to the concrete neighborhood where her new lodging was located and a grass blade hardly to be seen. But it brought a comforting effect upon her soul to relish at the sight and eventually buy some of the fresh and organic produce that, delivered directly from  the countryside, showed itself at her disposal in the grocery stall across her new house.

Broke as she was after having been laid off from the bankruptcy court she worked for in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, her life and livelihood in general were not at their best. However, if she happened to find some dollars in her purse, Mary would give herself a treat and gulp down her throat one of the cucumbers that the handsome grocer used to pitch from his counter on market days.

She was just feeding her eyes on the green merchandise  while walking nonchalantly along the grocer´s stand and bending over, at times, to look closer at the edible ítems that stood before her , when she finally decided and said in what it wasn´t meant to be a dubious manner:

“Good morning, Mr. grocer, i´d like the cucumber you´re holding in your hand. It looks fresh, nutritive, invigorating… The cucumber, I mean, not your manly hand…”

Blushing at Mary´s comment and pointing at the cucumber he was duly holding in his hand the grocer replied:

“I appreciate your taste, madam, but i´m afraid that this cucumber is  somewhat out of season. I ´m just trying to plant it on someone for business sake. It´s actually my heart what really keeps on beating with the force of a youngster, its longing for love keeps my life from withering”

“The love for your wife, I guess” Mary said

“Not quite, madam, my dear wife passed away long ago. I´ve been mourning her unconsolably until the moment you showed up and asked me for the cucumber i´m touting and holding in my hand”

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