Taking off

Late that afternoon he resolved himself to stay up and leave his bed. Not for good indeed but rather for a reasonable time that could be deemed as endurable. He was too modest a guy to harbor any desire to be posthumously remembered for the feat he had in mind but he felt nevertheless that brushing his teeth after having lain for so long under the covers was at any rate a must. This time he blushed at the sole idea of having her mother brush them for him. Not that she did it every day but someone had to help him get to grips with his Sunday´s hangovers and his dear mother was the only being that was always there on hand. He sensed however that something one could call pride was on this occasion at stake. He therefore summoned up all his courage , bent over trying unsuccesfully to reach  his toes and, letting  the lose fat  around his abdomen take the shape of a spare tyre, he sat up in his bed not before having stretched out his untrained limbs in order to warm himself up and get ready for the tough performances that laid ahead of him. “For Christ´s sake” he couldn´t avoid exclaiming as soon as he heard all his joints furiously cracking and his brain bursting in a resounding and ominous silence. But this time nothing was going to stop him. His resolution was relentless, his will unshakable. He proceeded soon thereafter to put his feet on the floor and taking a deep breath  gave an overall impulse to the upper part of his body such as the one the nose of an aeroplane gets when taking off. Watching himself from the cockpit of his blue eyeballs in the erect posture meant to enable him to reach his bathroom, he was seized by a fit of self-reliance that could only be shattered by an unexpected turbulence turning up out of the blue.

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