Two days ago i came to know the father of my girlfriend. He´s seventy three. A nice man willing to please and make jokes. He offered me to leave my car in his garage while I was living abroad. I accepted his offer. Thereupon the three of us got in my car and went to park it in his parking spot. Once the car was parked the father of my girlfriend was eager to check that the car was properly parked , meaning by this that I had respected the distance to the neighboring parking spot. As it happened he had me move my car backwards arguing that its hood was trespassing on the neighbor´s parking space. In fact it wasn´t , having parked my car in full respect of the boundaries marked by the white lines painted on the garage floor.

Afterwards my girlfriend told me that some time back the neighbor had violently blamed his father for seemingly having  intruded with his car into his sacred parking space.

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