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Pete Rodriguez

soy la ley 4
A tanned guy with olive skin crosses New York´s 8th avenue. He´s medium to talll height, around his late fifties. He has white trousers on and a floral shirt hangs out of them.His hair is pitch-black ,sparse and  combed tightly backwards. Ointed with hair lotion his hairdo ends in a ponytail. Sun glasses with gold rimmed frames are on top of his head. He´s possibly wearing more than one gold ring in his fingers but this is  hard to know due to the distance i´m watching from. He´s talking, in any case, in a loud voice to his cell phone while he keeps its mouthpiece  very close to his mouth. He suddenly purses his lips in a coleric grimace that shows a sort of violent determination. The blackness of his beard is enhanced by the pressing movement of the muscles of his jaw. His name is Pete, Pete “Conde” Rodríguez, also known as “La Ley”.
Pete is heading home after having accomplished his duty. Pete knows what his duty is. His boss in Miami has no reason to complain about him. He has become the representative of the organization in the New York area and every major deal is now carried out under Pete´s supervisión. Pete never fails to inform afterwards his boss of every detail.No matter how minor these details are ,his reports to his boss are always of a painstaking accuracy. Far from considering himself a criminal Pete is fond of stating that life has led him along this random path after having unsuccessfully applied for some uninspiring jobs in his youth. According to Pete there isn´t much difference between one kind of life and the other, the most important thing being to carry out one´s duty properly and to act as one´s  told, expecting thereafter nothing but a proper reward. Pete had indeed been  properly rewarded:  he had climbed the corporate ladder of his organization, become its representative  in the New York area and ended up building a home, with a wife, children and even a dog.
Pete, as i say, is heading home. He´s fond of this expression “heading home” because he feels it corresponds with his innermost feelings. Pete “La Ley” Rodriguez accomplishes his chief duties so thoroughly that he strongly needs to own a sort of compound where wife, children and even a dog acnknowledge him as the head of someting.

Taking off

Late that afternoon he resolved himself to stay up and leave his bed. Not for good indeed but rather for a reasonable time that could be deemed as endurable. He was too modest a guy to harbor any desire to be posthumously remembered for the feat he had in mind but he felt nevertheless that brushing his teeth after having lain for so long under the covers was at any rate a must. This time he blushed at the sole idea of having her mother brush them for him. Not that she did it every day but someone had to help him get to grips with his Sunday´s hangovers and his dear mother was the only being that was always there on hand. He sensed however that something one could call pride was on this occasion at stake. He therefore summoned up all his courage , bent over trying unsuccesfully to reach  his toes and, letting  the lose fat  around his abdomen take the shape of a spare tyre, he sat up in his bed not before having stretched out his untrained limbs in order to warm himself up and get ready for the tough performances that laid ahead of him. “For Christ´s sake” he couldn´t avoid exclaiming as soon as he heard all his joints furiously cracking and his brain bursting in a resounding and ominous silence. But this time nothing was going to stop him. His resolution was relentless, his will unshakable. He proceeded soon thereafter to put his feet on the floor and taking a deep breath  gave an overall impulse to the upper part of his body such as the one the nose of an aeroplane gets when taking off. Watching himself from the cockpit of his blue eyeballs in the erect posture meant to enable him to reach his bathroom, he was seized by a fit of self-reliance that could only be shattered by an unexpected turbulence turning up out of the blue.

Ghosts boast

In Spain we commonly call “ghost” to someone that likes to show off. To hold that in Spain ghosts boast doesn´t necessarily imply something preposterous or out of place.

To tell the truth, it´s always been hard for me to believe in ghosts, in both types of ghosts, I mean. Ghosts and people that boast have always prompted in me a similar kind of reaction: I tend to disregard them as soon as I sniff them out.

I´m not fully sure but I think this reaction owes something to my childhood. I remember quite accurately a summer friend of mine. I met him every summer and I recall him desperately wanting to become the leader of our pack. This desire to be acknowledged as our leader took him to a constant showing off, no matter the cost. He wanted to avoid being confused with the rest of us and tried to place himself at any price on the side of those that we all , secretly or not, acknowledged as our true leaders being his rather the case of a fake leader in desperate need of recognition. This chap happened in addition to be the son of a rich businessman that owned a film projector and we were all seized by a mixture of jealousy, anxiousness and admiration each time that he invited us to watch ghost films in his house.

A few days back I think I saw him across the street. I say “I think” because his figure somehow gradually blurred before my eyes as i made the effort to recognize him after so many years.




Two days ago i came to know the father of my girlfriend. He´s seventy three. A nice man willing to please and make jokes. He offered me to leave my car in his garage while I was living abroad. I accepted his offer. Thereupon the three of us got in my car and went to park it in his parking spot. Once the car was parked the father of my girlfriend was eager to check that the car was properly parked , meaning by this that I had respected the distance to the neighboring parking spot. As it happened he had me move my car backwards arguing that its hood was trespassing on the neighbor´s parking space. In fact it wasn´t , having parked my car in full respect of the boundaries marked by the white lines painted on the garage floor.

Afterwards my girlfriend told me that some time back the neighbor had violently blamed his father for seemingly having  intruded with his car into his sacred parking space.